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What Matters Most to Your Staff? The Answer Might Surprise You – Scott Mautz, Best-Selling author of “Make it Matter”


Every entrepreneur knows there is no perfect formula to achieve success. However, having exceptional leadership skills, and the ability to inspire others will enhance your business ten-fold. On today’s show, we learn the secrets of building a high-performing business from Scott Mautz, Founder and CEO of Profound Performance, and best-selling author of “Make it Matter”.

Scott MautzMost employers think that perks, promotions, and pay are what truly motivates and engages today’s workforce. You might be surprised to learn that none of those three things made it to the top of the list. Among today’s millennial and Gen Z workforce, ‘Meaning’ comes out on top for the number one employee motivator. So, as a business leader, how do you create meaning? Scott gives us five markers of meaning:

  1. Helping employees feel that their work matters
  2. Helping the workforce learn and grow
  3. Helping the workforce with confidence and self-esteem
  4. Teaching employees to work with autonomy
  5. Setting up the right sense of culture

If you can do all five of these markers, then you will create a more meaningful and rich environment for your employees. Just ask yourself one question. ‘What are your non-negotiable values?’ Bring those personal values to work every day, and it will create a tremendous sense of purpose.

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