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Boost Your Customer Engagement and Conversions with These Video Marketing Strategies – Montina Portis, CIA Media Group

Marketing is often talked about in the small business world, and the scope of what marketing is seems to be ever-expanding. Savvy marketing companies are always looking for a way to rise above the noise. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to concentrate on and dominate a particular niche. The old adage is true, the riches are in the niches. Video marketing is an emerging trend and a proven way to communicate a compelling marketing message. On today’s show, our guest host, Mark Collier, sits down with Montina Portis CEO of CIA Media Group to find out more.

There are many compelling ways to use video in your marketing strategy and in today’s show we find out what makes video so dynamic in today’s advertising space. Montina begins by briefly describing her entrepreneurial journey and how she found herself at CIA Media Group. We also take a look at CIA’s relationship with the UGA Small Business Development Center, and the valuable resources they provided to the business. Then, Montina discusses the basics of what business owners should know about building a video marketing campaign, and how to spend their budget effectively.

To find more about Montina and CIA Media Group, be sure to catch the full interview above.

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