How Crisanta Duran is Promoting Inclusion and Diversity in the Tech Landscape – National Center for Women & Information Technology

The Atlanta Small Business Network was on site at The TAG Summit, Georgia’s largest annual technology showcase hosted by TAG (Technology Association of Georgia), where we caught up with Crisanta Duran. Crisanta works with the National Center for Women and Information Technology, a non-profit community of more than 1,100 universities, companies, non-profits, and government organizations nationwide working to increase girls’ and women’s meaningful participation in computing.Crisanta Duran

The NCWIT works hard to make sure that young women have the necessary tools and skills to succeed in the tech landscape. In addition to providing computing and leadership skills, the organization also has a job placement program to promote diversity in the tech workspace. At the annual TAG Summit, Crisanta lead a breakout session discussing how companies and top leadership teams can identify challenges within the workplace for women in tech, and work in collaboration with NCWIT to address and solve those issues.

NCWIT will also be hosting an event right here in Atlanta this October called Sit With Me. This event aims to have women in the tech industry share their stories and experiences to encourage more young women to explore careers in coding. Visit for more information!

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