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How to Better Identify and Reach Your Target Consumers – Laurie Hood, Mobilewalla

ASBN recently caught up with Laurie Hood, at Georgia’s largest annual technology showcase, The Summit, hosted by TAG (Technology Association of Georgia). Laurie is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Mobilewalla, a consumer intelligence platform that provides data solutions to help companies better reach their consumers.

mobilewallaMobilewalla mostly sells to enterprise B2C companies including retail, quick-service restaurants, and telecommunications, according to Laurie. While Mobilewalla sells to many different industries, from a marketing perspective, they all want similar things, like attracting new customers, retaining current ones, and ultimately, selling more.

Mobilewalla allows businesses to be much more specific in the customers that they target, and return better results on their marketing which includes:

  • Enriching existing customer data
  • Collecting and interpret data patterns
  • Creating a fuller picture of consumer behaviors in the target audience
  • Marketing attributions
  • Analyzing high-value customers

Mobilewalla is truly a global company with 50 percent of its employees operating outside of the United States, with its headquarters in Atlanta. In addition to sales teams, they employ data scientists and big data experts around the world. Mobilewalla looks forward to continuing with heir mission and expanding product offerings for their customers.

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