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Hard Truths: Redeeming Your Time

On this week’s episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson discusses the concept of redeeming your time. The fact of the matter is most managers waste way too much time. While they put in a lot of hours, that time is not being used well. It’s not the number of hours your work, at the end of the day it’s how you use that time effectively.

redeeming your timeThe hard truth is that managers put in more hours than they should because they can’t focus on doing the right things in the normal hours they have. Being productive and simply creating activity are very different.

It’s common to mistake activity for accomplishment. Employees immerse themselves in the whirl of activity in order to hide their limitations, whether they are aware of it or not. We also confuse speed for direction. We’re getting faster and faster, but are we even heading in the right direction? Don’t mistake motion for progress.

The simple fact is you can’t add on more hours in a day, but you can redeem the time you already have. If you can find 20 trivial minutes in your day, whether it’s from meetings that run too long, or unproductive web surfing, and you start redeeming your time to a high priority task, you will gain around 120 hours per year. That’s the equivalent to three 40 hour work weeks!

What impact would that have on your achievement and overall results? You can’t get more time, you can redeem the time you don’t use well.


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