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Atlanta Small Business Profile – Lara Hodgson, NOW Corporation

Lara Hodgson, President, and CEO of NOW Corporation joins our host, Ted Jenkin, on this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile. They discuss the importance of receivables for small businesses, and how they may play a bigger part in the growth of a business than you might think.

Lara founded her business during the 2008 recession through a previous business she had, called Nourish. Lara says that it was through the challenges of transitioning businesses, that she was able to discover a better solution and help her start the NOW Corporation.

NOW CorporationNow having almost tripled the number of employees within her company, she says that the best way for a new entrepreneur to learn and grow their business is to get advice from other entrepreneurs. Lara says that being an entrepreneur is defined as pursuing a goal without regard for resources currently under your control. Despite the fact that we usually believe that that means using other people’s money, Lara says that in actuality the more important resource to use is other people’s knowledge.

Other entrepreneurs have been through the challenges new entrepreneurs are currently going through, and Lara says that if you don’t share your ideas with other people then how are they going to help you? Lara realized that the more people she told her ideas to the more they would connect her to people who could help her with her ideas or give suggestions and stories of when they have gone through similar experiences. She says it was here that she became very sensitive to the value that is to gain from other people’s knowledge.

To hear more about Lara and her story make sure to check out the full interview above.

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