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Social Media Marketing: The Strategies Business Owners Should Try Today – Hailley Griffis, Buffer

ASBN is on-location at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Small Business Series. In today’s show, we take a look at our conversation with Hailley Griffis, Head of Public Relations for Buffer, an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform. We discussed the importance of leveraging social media marketing, increasing engagement, and the strategies business owners should try today.

social media marketingBuffer acts as a suite of media tools that helps businesses with their visual marketing, content planning, analytics, and engagement to name a few. Hailley says that anything you are doing on social media, Buffer can help with. Businesses simply have to upload their social media posts and Buffer will do the rest. Instead of businesses constantly having to remember to update social media they will be able to lay out all of their posts and updates at the beginning of the week and Buffer will post them online throughout the week.

Hailley also shares with us some of her points from her keynote speaker presentation at the Small Business Series. She advises that businesses pick only two to three social networks that they can be very involved in and have a solid social presence on. She says that too often businesses try to have a platform on every single social network, and this is a mistake because not every social network is going to be built for the specific platform and audience that a business is looking for.

Additionally, Hailley says that businesses should focus on education and entertainment on their social media pages rather than sales. If you are constantly going on social media to ask your customers to buy your products no one is going to engage with you. You have to make sure you are bringing something of value to the conversation on social media, and aiming to educate and entertain is the most effective way to do this.

To learn more about Hailley and her presentation at the Small Business Series check out our full interview above.

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