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Atlanta Small Business Profile – Fran Tarkenton, Hall of Fame QB

On today’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, Ted Jenkin has an enlightening conversation with Fran Tarkenton, Hall of Fame quarterback and owner of the Tarkenton Companies.

Most people recognize Fran Tarkenton as a Hall of Fame quarterback, but they might not know that Fran is also an accomplished and successful entrepreneur. During his career in the NFL, Fran learned several skills that lead to his success in business. From bringing value to people and having products and services that solve problems, Fran saw more monetary success in being an entrepreneur, than he ever had as a professional football player.

Fran Tarkenton reminds us that there are no short-cuts to entrepreneurial success, just as there are no short-cuts in life in general. Fran explains, “Success wherever you are…you’ve got to learn a trade or lean a profession, and you work at it – you study it.” In order to be a good entrepreneur, you have to go out at actually do it. In the U.S. we have more first-time entrepreneurs over the age of 50 than we do in the millennial generation.

For entrepreneurs and startups, you have to go out and try things, and not everything is going to work! You have to fail sometimes as an entrepreneur, Fran reminds us. Just like on the football field; if you do your job as a quarterback, you’re bound to throw an interception every once in while. However, this is all part of the process and Fran encourages us to stay the course.

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