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Improve Recruiting Efforts in 2020 by Offering This New Employee Benefit – Mark Iddon & Rob Younkins, Trader Genius

When it comes to handling investments, many people would love to be in control of the process and be able to easily monitor their financial future. Today, we welcome back Mark Iddon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Trader Genius, a company that designed stock trading software for its customers to easily learn and apply strategies that will benefit their understanding and handling of their personal investments towards reaching their financial destinations. He is joined by Vice President of Training, Rob Younkins to demonstrate just how the product works.


Trader GeniusThe software the company launched is merely a platform for others to manage their money better than they may have previously done so. Iddon also mentions that this platform is also intended to declutter one’s mind as it has simplified extraneous information about trading down to a more understandable explanation so that the majority of the public can engage in it even as a beginner.

In addition to the Trader Genius Facebook page and website available for customers to reach out to for assistance if needed, the program also provides an advance coaching option in which users can communicate to Rob for assistance, questions, or concerns with their trading experience. This is to create a customer-friendly experience and encourage users to ask questions.

To find out more about Trader Genius, click here, and be sure to watch the entire interview above.

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