The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS & PeachTree TVThe Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 39...

The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 39 – [2.28.20]

On this week’s episode of The Atlanta Small Business Show, we start things off with Dr. Felicia Phillips, Founder and CEO of Felicia Phillips Unlimited and the creator of MogulCon. We then take a look at our interview with Mark Iddon and Rob Younkins of Trader Genius.

Following that, we give you a preview of this week’s Atlanta Small Business Profile where host Ted Jenkin speaks with renowned commercial and fine art photographer, Parish Kohanim. Next, we sit down with Heather Rogers, owner of Simply Organized, a professional organizing service that caters to businesses across the state. We close this week’s show by speaking with expert business broker and CEO of RamBizGroup, Michael Ramatowski.

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money management10 Money Management Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid
Making money management mistakes is pretty typical for any new entrepreneur or business owner, however, you can avoid huge issues by paying attention to the numbers from day one. Many entrepreneurs start out in business full of expectations, excitement, and dreams, but without any financial wherewithal. They don’t take the time to properly conduct market research so that they can understand their industry and customer base. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back Dr. Felicia Phillips, Founder, and CEO of Felicia Phillips Unlimited and the Pinkpreneur Network and also, the Creator of MogulCon. Watch Now

Trader GeniusImprove Recruiting Efforts in 2020 by Offering This New Employee Benefit – Mark Iddon & Rob Younkins, Trader Genius
When it comes to handling investments, many people would love to be in control of the process and be able to easily monitor their financial future. Today, we welcome back Mark Iddon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Trader Genius, a company that designed stock trading software for its customers to easily learn and apply strategies that will benefit their understanding and handling of their personal investments towards reaching their financial destinations. He is joined by Vice President of Training, Rob Younkins to demonstrate just how the product works. Watch Now

Parish KohanimAtlanta Small Business Profile – Parish Kohanim Studios
On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, small business expert Ted Jenkin speaks with Parish Kohanim, renowned commercial and fine art photographer, and founder of Parish Kohanim Studios. While Parish was in college studying to be a geologist, he branched out into the arts and took a photography class as his last elective. From that point on, Parish knew that photography was the career he wanted to have for the rest of his life. Watch Now

organizationIs it Time to Spring Clean Your Business? Tips for Better Organization in 2020
Organization is an important part of many areas of life. From the home-life to the workspace, being an organized person can have tremendous benefits. In today’s show, we sit down with Heather Rogers to discuss the tricks and benefits of organization within small businesses. Heather is the owner of Simply Organized, a professional organizing service that caters to businesses across the state. Watch Now

exit strategyWhy You Should Have an Exit Strategy For Your Business Sooner Than You Think – Michael Ramatowski, RamBizGroup
When preparing to leave a company as the business owner, most people tend to take on their exit in the fashion that’s most fitting for them. Some help to prepare their successor for the role before leaving and some just decide to sell the company as a whole and settle for money. But how many can say they’ve created an exit strategy based on the reasoning for their exit? In today’s show, we speak with Michael Ramatowski to learn the significance of implementing an exit strategy for your business. Michael is an expert business broker and also the CEO of RamBizGroup, LLCWatch Now

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