The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 34 – [12.13.19]

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Happy weekend Atlanta! Today on The Atlanta Small Business Show, we start things off with Jacquece Jennings, owner and founder of Nuleaf #1 in Roswell, GA. She discusses how her personal health issues led her to become a CBD retailer. We then hear from Brian Smith, founder of the wildly popular clothing and footwear brand UGG, who talks about how he built this multi-billion brand from just $1,000.

Following that is our conversation with members of the Atlanta Main Street initiative, who work to rebuild and stimulate the economies of iconic Atlanta neighborhoods. Next up, is a portion of the Atlanta Small Business Profile featuring Matt Lowe, Co-founder and CEO of Swift Straw, a contemporary landscaping company that specializes in disrupting the pine straw industry. We wrap things up with Angela Fusaro, CEO and Co-founder of Physician 360. Be sure to tune into this week’s show!

Nuleaf #1How an Alarming Health Scare Inspired Jacquece Jennings to Start Her Own CBD Company
Today, we have with us, a business owner with a remarkable story to tell. We’re so pleased to welcome Jacquece Jennings, United States Army Veteran and the owner and founder of Nuleaf #1 in Roswell, GA. After retiring from the military, Jacquece experienced a lot of stress and anxiety, but that didn’t stop her from finding success in a new job. It was during this time that she started to look into the healing properties of CBD, and the entrepreneurial opportunity in the CBD market. Watch Now

UGGHow UGG Founder Brian Smith Built a Multi-Billion Dollar Brand with Just $1,000 in His Pocket
Today, we’re joined by one of the most sought after speakers and business leaders in the country, Brian Smith. Brian is the founder of the wildly popular clothing and footwear brand UGG, as well as the best-selling author of “The Birth of a Brand.” After studying accounting in his native Australia, Brian decided that life in an accounting firm wasn’t for him. So, he packed his things and moved to Santa Monica in Southern California to discover the next big thing…Watch Now

Atlanta Main StreetAtlanta Main Street Discuss the Importance of Shopping Small, and the Economic Growth and of the Small Business Community
In Atlanta, the small business community has grown rapidly in recent years, which prompted the city to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship with the Atlanta Main Street initiative. Here to talk more about Atlanta Main Street, is Josh Humphries, Assistant Director of Economic Development for the City of Atlanta, Kiyomi Rollins, Founder and CEO of The Good Hair Shop, and Nate Minor, Owner of and President of the East Atlanta Business Association. Watch Now

atlanta small businessAtlanta Small Business Profile – Matt Lowe, Swift Straw
On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, host and small business expert Ted Jenkin talks with Matt Lowe, Co-founder and CEO of Swift Straw. Swift Straw is a contemporary landscaping company that specializes in disrupting the pine straw industry. For many years, everyone thought that pine straw had to be baled and it could not be mechanically harvested and packaged due to the complexity of maneuvering equipment through pine forests…Watch Now

atlanta small businessHow This Local Doctor Turned Entrepreneur is Disrupting Healthcare with Telemedicine Platform, Physician 360
 In many cases, non-emergency patients in emergency rooms often increase patient wait- times and incur higher costs for basic tests. The solution came to one woman who decided to put her idea into practice: Putting tests directly into the hands of the patient. Here to tell us more about the remote testing solution is a renown ER doctor, CEO and Co-founder of Physician 360 Dr. Angela Fusaro. Dr. Fusaro is an Emergency Medicine expert and has also been involved in national leadership, serving as a member of the Board of Directors for E.M.R.A. Watch Now

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