The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS & PeachTree TVThe Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 28...

The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 28 – [10.25.19]

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This week on The Atlanta Small Business Show, Alicia Butler Pierre, Founder of Equilibria, Inc. and her client, Dan Merchant kicks things off by discussing all things growth strategy.  Next up, is this week’s episode of Relationomics with Dr. Randy Ross and Scott MacLellan, who talk about what it means to be a leader who dares to serve. Then, we take a look at our conversation with Carlo Martinez, CEO of Atlanta-based Steppingblocks. He discusses helping students make smarter and more informed career decisions. We wrap things up with a portion of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, featuring Ben and Sammy Amor, Co-founders of Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Company. Be sure to tune into this week’s show!

EquilibriaAre You Prepared for Growth? How to Address Pain Points and Scale for Success – Alicia Butler Pierre & Dan Merchant
A solid growth strategy involves more than just increasing profit; it requires a well thought out plan and precise execution. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Alicia Butler Pierre, Founder and CEO of Equilibria, Inc. and one of her clients, Dan Merchant, COO of CDE Services, to learn more about the benefits of hiring a growth consultant. Alicia began her career as a process engineer for various chemical plants, where she was responsible for analyzing and fixing problems related to the manufacturing of faulty products. Fast forward to now, and Alicia has transferred those skills into her business called Equilibria, Inc. Watch Now

RelationomicsRelationomics: Becoming a Leader Who Dares to Serve – Dr. Randy Ross & Special Guest Scott MacLellan
Welcome to Relationomics, the show where we talk about everything related to life, business, and relationships, and how they are all intertwined with one another. On today’s episode, Dr. Randy Ross sits down with Scott MacLellan, CEO of Morrison Community Living and TouchPoint Support Services. The pair discuss how to inspire elevated performance, common leadership issues, and what it means to be a leader who dares to serve. Watch Now

steppingblocksThis Atlanta-Based Startup is Helping Students Make Smarter and More Informed Career Decisions – Carlo Martinez, Steppingblocks
On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Carlo Martinez, CEO of Atlanta-based,, an education technology startup that delivers data insights to college graduates. Using proprietary technology, Steppingblocks provides data insights to students and universities in order to help them make more informed decisions regarding their education and career path. Watch Now

Cloud 9Atlanta Small Business Profile – Ben & Sammy Amor, Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co.
On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, Ben and Sammy Amor, Co-founders of Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Company join our host and small business expert, Ted Jenkin in studio. Watch Now

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