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How to Re-Energize Your Employees and Retain the Very Best Talent – Marshall Mosher, Vestigo

The most successful and memorable team-building activities are ones that don’t feel like a normal day at the office. They build trust, manage conflict, encourage communication, and increase collaboration. In this segment, we speak to Co-founder and CEO of Vestigo, Marshall Mosher, whose clients include Creature Comforts, Home Depot, and Chick-fil-a. Today, Marshall will tell us how he turned his passion for the outdoors into a successful startup, as well as how you can re-energize your employees and retain the very best talent.passion

Learning the necessary skills to adapt to change is crucial in order to be innovative and grow your business. If an effort to learn and harness these skills, Vestigo uses all kinds of adventure-based experiences to create opportunities for teams to challenge themselves, and reach beyond their comfort zones.

Marshall’s startup journey began in at the University of Georgia, where he was studying biology in hopes of going to medical school. While he had a passion for healthcare, Marshall realized that clinical medicine was ultimately not the direction he wanted to go in. Near the end of his master’s program in Public Health Administration, Marshall took an entrepreneurship class where he quickly learned that he could combine his passion for outdoor sports with his background in public health. Through this combination, Marshall’s class project ultimately became the preliminary phases of Vestigo.

We Marshall and his partners first got started, the vision was to create a company that could break down the barriers on entry into all of these outdoor recreational activities. However, about a year and a half into the business, Vestigo changed its business model to B2B products and services. With the encouragement of mentors, Marshall opened up Vestigo to other revenue mechanisms in order to jump-start profitability.


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