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How to Choose the Right Mindset for the Success of Your Business – George Deeb, Red Rocket Ventures

Every successful founder has a unique entrepreneurial mindset that contributes to their prosperity, but more often than not, those mindsets lead business owners down two distinct paths. Here to tell us how to choose the right one for your business is George Deeb, Managing Partner of Red Rocket Ventures and author of three startup guides with over 300 lessons for business owners.

According to George, there are typically two high-level entrepreneurial mindsets that founders have which drive their startup success:

  1. “Driven to Win”: They want to push their business forward by whatever means necessary, including mowing down the competition and conquering the world.
  2. Fear of Failure”: They are ultra-conservative and don’t want to make any stupid decisions. They will be strategic in every way possible.

For venture capitalists, both types of entrepreneurs can be successful. One type is not necessarily preferred over the other in terms of capital investment. In George’s opinion, more offensive entrepreneurs will make more mistakes along the journey and should protect themselves and their interests better. However, the ultra-conservative entrepreneur tends to go for the singles or doubles rather than the home-runs. Investors need someone who will swing for the fences at the appropriate times.

To find out which entrepreneurial mindset fits you and your startup, be sure to watch our entire interview with George above. For more advice and insight from George, check out his other appearances on ASBN here.

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