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Why Your Company Needs a Comprehensive Safety Training Program

While safety training and workplace safety have always been important considerations, having a comprehensive safety training program in place has never been more important than it is today. Without a safety training program in place, not only is your company risking the health and safety of its employees, but it is risking a catastrophic lawsuit as well. Whether it is fair or not, we find ourselves in a very litigious society these days, and the first thing a personal injury or workman’s comp lawyer will look at is the presence or absence of a safety training program.

safety training program Of course, implementing a comprehensive safety training program has many benefits besides protecting employers from frivolous and not so frivolous lawsuits. Some of the many other benefits of safety training in the workplace include greater levels of productivity, better employee morale, a happier workforce, and less downtime. These days no company can afford to be out of business even for a little while, and a strong workplace safety program can greatly reduce the chances of a serious accident taking down the factory, the plant or the office for an extended period of time.

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Many members of management feel that workplace safety is important only for those involved in heavy industries such as construction or manufacturing. While safety training is essential for those injury-prone occupations, it is just as important for companies in the service industry to implement a comprehensive safety training program. White-collar workers can and do suffer injuries every single day, and those injuries can be just as damaging to the bottom line. It is important for all workers, no matter what their job function, to participate in the company-wide safety training program. The ability to show that a strong safety training network is in place can be a strong defense to a lawsuit, in addition to being a solid business practice

Of course, the safety training needs will vary from employee to employee, and the workplace safety training program that would be perfect for a production worker on the line would be inappropriate for the secretary sitting outside the office of the CEO. It is important to choose a safety training program that can be easily tailored to different job functions and to implement that safety training program in a way that addresses the needs of all the employees in the company.

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These types of safety training programs take many forms, from onsite training using live trainers, to web-based training that can address the needs of an entire organization from a central location. The type of program chosen will be a function of the needs, and the budget, of the company, but the most important thing is to get a comprehensive safety program in place and to make sure all employees, both new hires and long time workers, receive the safety training they need.

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