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How FranNet Atlanta Helped Ramona Long Launch Her Business and Find Success with Money Pages

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Ramona Long and Leslie Kuban. Leslie is a franchise industry expert, and owner of FranNet Atlanta, and Ramona is the owner and operator of a Money Pages franchise in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Originally, Ramona was an educator for many years while living in New England. However, when she decided to move down to Atlanta, she took an early retirement from teaching and began working as a curriculum director for a chain of local early childhood learning centers. After some time, Ramona had the feeling like she wanted to explore something different career-wise. So she and her husband starting researching and looking at all the different options available to them, but they didn’t know how to get started. That’s when they reached out to Leslie at FranNet Atlanta.

Money PagesLeslie walked them through the process and began her assessments. Ramona said the initial sit-down with Leslie was the most crucial. They discussed Ramona and Brian’s lifegoals both professionally and personally. They determined that maintaining a healthy work-life balance was incredibly important, but they also wanted to have an impact on the local community.

After all of the assessments, Leslie recommended Money Pages, a franchise that specializes in local magazines, direct mail, and other marketing needs. At Money Pages Kennesaw, Ramona and Brian produce and publish their city’s magazine filled with money-saving promotions for local businesses including gyms, retailers, restaurants, and much more. Ramona and Brian brought Money Pages to Kennesaw in April of this year, and have been enjoying the journey ever since.

To get in touch with Ramona and find out more about Money Pages opportunities, you can reach her at 470-867-7468.

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