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Six Entrepreneur and Small Business Podcasts to Put on Your Playlist

Over 50 percent of the US population (165 million individuals) have listened to a podcast. You have probably heard friends discuss their favorite podcasts to listen to while driving or exercising at the gym. While many of these shows are regarded as entertainment, podcasts focusing on business-related topics are just as popular. 

Instead of having to sit down to concentrate on a video, you can go about your day as you learn about startup funding, managing your time as an entrepreneur, and marketing trends. 

Where else can you hear from some of the world’s most successful people for free? Podcasting can offer excellent resources as well as advice for your business endeavors. To get you started on your podcast journey, we have provided six podcasts you should include on your playlist, especially if you are an established—or aspiring—small business owner. 

podcastsEntrepreneurs on Fire

If your main question is, “how do I even get started?” Entrepreneurs on Fire may be the podcast for you. Host, John Lee Dumas, uses his interviews with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs to share tips and motivational lessons aimed at helping you capitalize on your next business idea. From Seth Godin to Jillian Michaels, entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors have shared their thoughts on developing a thriving business with Dumas. If you need the motivation to get started, this podcast is worth a listen. 

Getting Things Done 

It is no secret that the life of an entrepreneur is filled with to-dos. It can be challenging even to find time to take lunch, or indulge in the flexibility associated with running a business. Well, author and entrepreneur, David Allen has dedicated his career to sharpening the concept of time management. Many of his podcast topics center around improving productivity, time management best practices, and thinking in terms of outcomes instead of outputs. If you need some help organizing your entrepreneurial lifestyle, Allen’s podcast should be on your list. 


What if you could learn a business concept or lesson from the world’s most influential entrepreneurs and thought leaders? Fortunately, you can! Mixergy is a collection of interviews with successful entrepreneurs and business professionals. Whether you want to learn about creating a company culture, or how to still maintain mental health and self-care as a business owner, Mixergy has a variety of lessons and advice to offer. 

Side Hustle Nation 

Let’s say you aren’t ready to jump right into full-time entrepreneurship. Maybe you want to build multiple passive income streams or develop a side-hustle while working full-time. Entrepreneur, Nick Loper, has developed a top-rated and widely-listened-to podcast that addresses those topics. He speaks with numerous other “side hustlers” about how they built their side businesses and have gone onto grow them into success stories. 

podcastsStartupNation Radio

Sometimes, it helps to know that someone else has done something you want to do. If this is you, look no further than StartupNation. This podcast is for those who seek practical and transparent advice on developing a thriving startup business. From farmers markets to PR firms, entrepreneurs Jeff Sloan, Richard Sloan, and Norman A. Pappas, sit down with startup owners to get their “in-the-trenches” input on what it’s like to turn startup business dreams into reality. Listeners can submit questions, suggests topics, and even submit an entrepreneur for an interview. 

Atlanta Small Business Network 

If you are looking to make Atlanta a home base for your business, or are already here, our podcast is one to check out. The ASBN podcast spotlights various Atlanta-based startups, highlights Atlanta business trends, and interviews successful business owners. When you tune in, expect to hear about the latest entrepreneurial happenings in the city as well as small business advice and tips. 

Podcasts Can Be an Effective Digital Classroom

Some of the lessons covered by these podcasts are things you might never have access to unless you were receiving an MBA, or were a mentee to a prominent business owner. As a result, podcasts are excellent resources for small businesses. Most are free, and they provide you with valuable information that you can take with you for the long-haul.

The Atlanta Small Business Network, from start-up to success, we are your go-to resource for small business news, information, resources.

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Chanell Turner
Chanell Turner
Chanell Turner is a contributing writer and investigative journalist for ASBN.

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