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How Franchise Business Ownership is Attracting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs – Leslie Kuban, FranNet Atlanta

The franchise business model has solidified its place in our economy as a stable producer of ownership and employment opportunities. It has the potential to be a lucrative alternative to startups with minimal risk, making it a great option for would-be entrepreneurs. Today, we’re pleased to welcome back Leslie Kuban to ASBN. Leslie is a franchise industry expert, and owner of FranNet Atlanta and she is here to discuss how the franchise business model is working to meet the rapidly growing and diverse entrepreneur population.

FranNetFor the person that wants to own a business, but may not have the burning passion for a particular product or new idea, the franchise system is the perfect opportunity to thrive. People with good, soft-skills, ambition, and the goals to succeed, but are better suited to already developed model and concept would find franchising to be an excellent opportunity to own their own business.

As technology continues to evolve, and the younger generations develop more experienced skill sets, the face of franchise ownership is changing. For many years the poster child of a franchise owner was a 50 to 60-year-old entering the latter stages of their career but still needed income to plan for retirement.

Today, the demographics have shifted. The franchisee is getting younger, and more and more people are taking the passive approach to maintaining their franchise. Younger generations are also focusing on socially conscious franchises that can be profitable while also investing in an important cause.

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