Why Business Owners Should Expand Their Range of Skills – David Epstein, NYT Best-Selling Author

When it comes to being an expert in any given field, many often believe that placing a laser focus on that field alone will propel them into success. Our guest today is David Epstein, who claims quite the opposite saying that going through diverse experiences is the best preparation and the most promising method for well-rounded success. He is a New York Times best-selling author, globally recognized speaker, and former investigative reporter, who is here to discuss his latest book called “Range: Why Generalist Triumph in a Specialized World.” David’s TED Talk has also been viewed over 8.5 million times and was shared by Bill Gates.

David Epstein

In this segment, we learn more about David’s entrepreneurial journey and the motivation behind writing his new business book, called “Range: Why Generalist Triumph in a Specialized World.” He also discusses the key differences between generalists and specialists, the two archetypes heavily featured in the book. We then find out why people who think more broadly and embrace diverse perspectives tend to thrive more than those who don’t.

Jim and David also tackle the many ways in which he believes our culture teaches people to be specialists early in life and the various challenges that specialists run into. To find out more about David Epstein and his latest book, “Range: Why Generalist Triumph in a Specialized World,” be sure to watch the entire interview above.

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