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Improve Your Productivity, Creativity, and Well-Being with These Crucial Rest Strategies – Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

As an entrepreneur, your most crucial asset is your health. Regardless of how many investors you may have or the profit you bring in if your health is on the back-burner, then success will be hard to sustain. Here to discuss some strategies that can improve your physical and emotional well-being, is Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith. Saundra is health and wellness coach, internal medicine physician, and author of the popular blog, “I Choose My Best Life”.


Dr. Saundra has been practicing internal medicine for over 20 years right outside of Birmingham, AL. Over those 20 years, she noticed that medicine has changed a lot. Before, patient appointments would range from 20 to 30 minutes of one-on-one face time, but now, office visits are shorter. In order to provide the depth of information she wanted, Dr. Saundra decided that she needed to branch out to other ways of information management, like books and blog posts.

The inspiration behind creating a health and wellness focused business comes from burnout she experienced personally, in her day-to-day life. She had to learn work-life harmony, and how to manage the work and activities she enjoyed, without letting them take over her life completely.

In her latest book, Sacred Rest, Dr. Saundra creates a how-to guide to get the right kinds of rest in the right ways. She asked herself ‘why are we tired?’ and ‘what exactly is the problem?’ Through her medical research, Dr. Saundra has devised ways in which we can utilize rest to become more creative, productive, and innovative. These 7 types of rest needed to optimize your productivity include:

  • Physical: what we think of when we think of sleep and muscle relaxation
  • Mental: the ability to clear your mind
  • Spiritual: the ability to connect to the deeper sense of belonging
  • Emotional: being authentic in professional settings
  • Social: the rest we get from the positive people that surround us
  • Sensory: detaching from electronics, background noise, and bright lights
  • Creative: the  time we spend in nature, appreciating great music, art, and food

healthDr. Saundra reminds us that rest equals restoration. In an effort to spread this message, Dr. Saundra started her popular blog, “I Choose My Best Life”. He blog provides resources that allow people to ask themselves critical questions and analyze their choices. Even small everyday choices in life have a huge effect on our well-being.

Dr. Saundra will be an upcoming speaker at the TEDxAtlanta event this March. Be sure to check out her talk!

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