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How to Identify You Startup’s Funding Goals and Build Long-Term Relationships with Investors – JP James, Hive Financial Systems

Recently, ASBN was on-location at the 2019 TiECON Atlanta with JP James, Chairman and Lead Investor of Hive Financial Systems. JP is also the president-elect of TiE Atlanta and will head the organization starting next calendar year.

JP JamesJP is a serial entrepreneur and has always had a passion for building companies. He attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and had the opportunity to work with several experienced and successful entrepreneurs. He then built Hive Financial Systems, which is a servicer for lenders. At its core, it is a FinTech company that has created a platform that manages tens of thousands of customers applying for financial products.

At this year’s TiECON Atlanta, JP James was the moderator of the Breakout Session: Get Funding. The panel discussed the best ways to pitch your business to investors, and building long-term relationships with them. They also gave great insight into how entrepreneurs can identify their funding needs and goals.

To hear more great advice from JP James, be sure to watch our full interview above, and stay tuned for more coverage from the 2019 TiECON Atlanta.

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