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How to Make Your Customers Rave About Your Business – A Guide to Customer Experience from Breakthrough Strategist Simon T Bailey

Company success tends to always rely on the direction of the top leaders of a business and are usually driven by the style of their leadership, but how can businesses take their leadership to the next level? In today’s segment, we speak with author of Be the Spark, Simon T Bailey, a professional transformation strategist with more than 30 years of experience equipping companies with the tools necessary to grow higher employee engagement rates and top-notch customer service experiences. Simon has also been recognized by Success Magazine as one of the Top 25 People Who Can Help You Reach Your Business and Life Goals and has spoken to over 2 million listeners in 45 countries teaching his ideas worldwide.

Simon BaileyBailey has a heart for entrepreneurs and believes that their brands involve emotion, a connection, a moment, and a memory. It’s these factors that can cause an entrepreneur to have a greater appreciation for their work than those who may work a nine-to-five. This can have the potential to better position a person into becoming the spark needed for innovation, growth, and break-throughs within their company.

He provides the example of the renowned fast-food restaurant, Chick-Fil-A, demonstrating that they have discovered what it takes to break through to reach their customers in such a powerful way that it leaves the customers raving about the culture of the company. And then it [the break-through] allows them to attract talent…and also offer a product that people can’t live without”, states Bailey in his interview. Bailey further explains what it takes to break through the social norm to reach potential clients and to become the spark that can take a business to new heights.

To learn more about Simon Bailey, watch the full interview above.

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