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How Josh Aviv, Founder of Tech Startup SparkCharge, Won Over Shark Tank’s Powerful Investors

The electric vehicle, or EV market is expanding and there has been an influx of companies entering the market, but there has also been a lack of charging infrastructure for these vehicles. SparkCharge is providing a solution to that with their ‘ulta-fast’ EV charging unit, known as the Roadie. Recently, the company appeared on the TV show, ‘Shark Tank’ and secured $1 million in funding from Marc Cuban and Lori Greiner. Josh Aviv, Founder and CEO of SparkCharge joined Jim Fitzpatrick on ASBN to discuss the growing EV market and the Roadie. 

Aviv opens the conversation by talking about the process of going on Shark Tank and how unforgettable the experience was. He says that SparkCharge was created while he was in college when a professor said that the EV market was going to face problems with the charging infrastructure. Aviv saw this as an open door of opportunity to revolutionize EVs for years to come. He says going on Shark Tank was very memorable but also very nerve-racking. The ‘Sharks’ were very intimidating, but at the end of the day, it was about getting the right deal that was going to help the company get its feet off the ground.

Aviv then goes into how fast the EV market is changing. He says it’s an honor for his company to be part of the “wild ride” of EVs and he’s excited to see how the industry will evolve over the next few years.

Aviv then shares more on the Roadie charger and how Sparkcharge is building a charging network across the country. More than just a roadside service, the Roadie is a go-to charger for EV drivers no matter where they are. The Roadie ensures that EV drivers can charge their vehicles on demand wherever they are. The service provides a level of convenience that standard charging stations can’t match.

Aviv concludes the conversation by talking about the business strategy behind the deal made with Cuban and Greiner. Aviv says the $1 million will be used to scale the business and build a larger charging network. The investment is going to help SparkCharge expand to many major cities across the country including Atlanta, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and more.

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