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The Atlanta Small Business Profile – Cason Carter, Broughton Partners

On the latest episode of Atlanta Small Business Profile with Ted Jenkin, Cason Carter joins the show to discuss quality marketing. Carter is the CEO and Partner of Broughton Partners. Broughton is a technology first, innovative legal marketing and case acquisition company. The company is nationally recognized by the Better Business Bureau, Forbes, HuffPost, and more.

Carter begins the conversation by discussing the need to be an expert in a niche market to help grow. Specializing in a specific area is key to helping grow a business. If businesses spread themselves too thin, they can miss out on the right client and customer base. They can also be too thin to truly experience vertical growth. Carter says he and his business partners discovered this by accident, as legal marketing has helped the company build a name that is widely known across the industry.

Carter then goes into how businesses can learn more about digital marketing. He says that no one knows their business as well as you do. While some companies are better suited to outsource digital marketing, some are fully capable of managing their own digital marketing. Regardless, companies must have a strong digital presence no matter how they manage their marketing. 

Carter says that digital marketing must be established in a way to create and get in touch with leads. He says that a study of 3 million leads revealed that the chances of closing a lead go down by 95% if the business doesn’t respond within five minutes.

Carter concludes the conversation by discussing how Broughton Partners has maintained a successful culture despite dealing with the impact of COVID-19. Culture is everything for Carter, saying that building a purpose that everyone can get behind is the best way to find success through adversity

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