How to create an effective lead follow up strategy without risking the sale – Matt Easton | Easton University

It can be exciting when a sales representative gets a call from a lead or potential customer, but what happens during that call, can make or break the sale. Today on The Small Business Show, we’re joined by Matt Easton, sales coach, consultant, and the founder of Easton University, to walk us through how to answer an inbound lead from a customer without jeopardizing the sale.

The expression, it’s not how you start, but how you finish is the wrong mindset to have according to Easton. Yet, most sales coaches will embed that saying in training as the essential sales foundation.

“Due to the lack of skills, those coaches will spend lengthy periods of time on how to close,” says Easton. “Start right, slow down, and the finish will come easier.” 

It’s important to note that when salespeople get frustrated, it’s because they start with the end in mind. But according to Easton, “Nobody is born to be a salesperson; it has to be taught.”

How to start

Knock off with the phrase: How can I help you?

The phrase diminishes your credibility and authority. Therefore, instead, Easton encourages salespeople to answer the phone with, What can I get you information on? He further explains, “If you’re answering your business phone, you want to start with something like, ‘It’s a great day.’ This is a verbal way to smile and grab the information they’re calling for.” 

Utilizing your skills in every part of the conversation and slowing down in the beginning, will speed up the results in the end. For example, after the greeting or when you call a potential customer back, ask what research they have done.

Easton explains, “Gone are the days of the bad words, like ‘follow up’ and ‘checking back in.’ We discussed at the beginning of the segment that we are raising our credibility. So, don’t lie. Don’t say you’re the CEO, co-founder, manager, or any other higher position. Instead, say, “I wanted to contact you personally.” This will help your credibility and let clients know they are being cared for by someone in a position of authority.