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How this serial entrepreneur accelerated the growth of his startups

Today on The Roadmap, Ted Jenkin, CEO and Co-Founder of oXYGEN Financial, is joined by Dave Walens, CEO of Exploring Inc., who addresses the trials and triumphs of being a multi-startup entrepreneur. 

Exploring Inc., is the parent company of several innovative and forward-thinking Atlanta-based companies. These businesses operate across a variety of areas, including the exhibit and event industry as well as the commercial, retail, architectural, automobile, museum, and other markets. The constant pursuit of genuinely novel solutions and value for customers, however, is what unites any Exploring agency.

According to Walens, “We cooperate directly with clients on their experiences, surroundings, and entertainment projects. Whether your idea is done or you’re just getting started, we can provide you with as much support as you need.” Exploring also makes use of graphic design firms through one of its divisions. Using 3D printing, for instance, is revolutionizing corporate art, trade show booths, event theming, product marketing, and more. 

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Additionally, Exploring uses the flooring company as the third division. Walens notes,
“The flooring at trade shows and events isn’t only for walking on. It can do a lot of things, such enhance a design, support a brand, and establish the scene.” Trade show flooring projects may be made simple at the flooring division of Brumark, from custom flooring to trade show carpet. Brumark has more than 30 years of experience and is aware of the challenges and considerations that customers must consider.

Capital is key

On the other hand, Walens notes that Exploring’s growth success was built on the capital from its sales and cash flow. The company has adopted the internal approach of doing whatever is possible to better support clients and the industry. 

Since the business debuted during COVID, Walens leaned into the problems versus none of the solutions. With makeshift hospitals being set up at the time, along with products and services to support them, Walens brought the life-to-life program to his community. This program was essential to learning how to assist other small firms in determining how much capital they require to complete and advance their operations.

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