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The Atlanta Small Business Show on Peachtree TV: Episode 7 – [04.06.19]

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On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Show, we kicked things off with this week’s Atlanta Small Business Profile which featured Steven Eisenstein, chief event officer for Classic Tents and Events. Then, we sat down with Kate T. Parker, fine art photographer and best-selling author of Strong is the New Pretty. Next up was an Advice From the Pros segment with Ryan Wilson, co-founder, and CEO of Atlanta’s popular private membership club, The Gathering Spot. We then caught up with business growth strategist, and owner of Allegro Consulting, Mike Gomez. Finally, rounding out the show was Guy Kawasaki, Silicon Valley icon, former marketing evangelist for Apple, and best-selling author of Wise Guy.

Atlanta Small Business Profile – Steven Eisenstein, Classic Tents and Events
On today’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, Ted Jenkin is on site at Classic Tents and Events with Steven Eisenstein, chief event officer. Watch Now

Strong is the New PrettyStrong is the New Pretty: Turning a Personal Mission into a Successful Business – Kate T. Parker
All businesses start with an idea, but how do you find the confidence to hit the ground running? While it might come easy to some, the rest of us have to work hard to find our business’s unique identity. Our guest today knows what it’s like to turn a personal mission into a successful business. We’re excited to welcome Kate T. Parker, award-winning commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer, as well as the author of Strong is the New Pretty. Kate’s clients include Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Disney, NBC, and the NFL, and her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Vogue, CNN, and ESPNW, just to name a few. Watch Now

Ryan WilsonAdvice From the Pros: The Importance of Understanding Your Business Model Financials – Ryan Wilson, CEO of The Gathering Spot
On this segment of Advice From the Pros, Ryan Wilson, Co-founder, and CEO of Atlanta’s popular private membership club, The Gathering Spot, discusses the importance of understanding the quantitative aspects of your business model in order to effectively pitch to investors. Watch Now

Business Growth Advisor Mike Gomez Shares What Makes a Good Business Idea and How to Launch It
For many aspiring entrepreneurs, deciding on a business idea and moving forward with early-stage development can be challenging and time-consuming. However, investing in a mentor to advise and consult you during this planning phase could make all the difference. No one knows this better than our next guest Mike Gomez. Mike is the founder and president of Allegro Consulting, as well as a complex sales and growth strategies advisor to the Atlanta Tech Village. Watch Now

Guy KawasakiWise Guy: Guy Kawasaki Reflects on His Larger Than Life Entrepreneurial Spirit
On today’s show, we have a Silicon Valley icon who needs no introduction, Guy Kawasaki. Guy has been a titan of the tech world ever since joining Apple’s original Macintosh team in the 1980s as one of their top marketing evangelists. He is also the author of 13 best-selling business books including The Art of the Start 2.0 and The Macintosh Way. Today, Guy shares with us the lessons he has collected during his entrepreneurial journey and how he applies them to his businesses and life. Watch Now

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