What do employees want from their work experience? — Jason Greer | Greer Consulting

Jason Greer joins The Small Business Show to reveal his strategies for identifying what employees want from their work experience

Many employers strive to provide a high-quality work experience, knowing that better job satisfaction leads to lower turnover and more productivity. But without an understanding of how to engage with team members and identify their struggles, businesses can destroy their relationships with their workforces despite their best intentions.

On this episode of The Small Business Show, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Jason Greer, author, keynote speaker, and CEO of employee relations and diversity training firm Greer Consulting. Known as “The Employee Whisperer,” Greer has spent years refining his process to repair and maintain worker-leader relationships, helping businesses across the U.S. improve retention and giving employees access to a better work experience. Now, he discusses his recommendations for improving the job environment without alienating or frustrating team members.

Key Takeaways

1. Greer explains that companies are often ill-equipped to manage internal labor issues on their own due to a mutual lack of understanding between management and employees. Having a third-party consultant is key to gaining better insights and identifying solutions that improve the work experience.

2. To retain more employees, Greer urges business owners and managers to first identify what team members want from their positions. While some are motivated by bigger paychecks and better amenities at the office, many younger professionals want to feel appreciated

3. Managers must talk directly to employees to identify their needs rather than relying solely on surveys or written feedback. Greer notes that company-wide focus groups are an excellent tool for identifying what team members want for their work experience.

4. By taking action to prioritize their employees’ needs, managers and business owners can demonstrate their commitment to providing a high-quality work experience. This, on its own, can improve morality among team members, who oftentimes feel that their companies do not care about them.

5. Greer cautions employers not to overlook any employees when attempting to boost morale and form solutions that improve the work experience. Managers, supervisors, and team leads also deserve to be heard and treated with the same attention to detail as their subordinates. Failing to acknowledge certain roles can sow additional dissent among an already frustrated workforce.

"In some form or fashion, you have to, as a person in leadership...figure out a way to give yourself back to the people." — Jason Greer

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