Scott Mautz unveils the secrets to building mental strength

As a leader, it’s no secret that you’re going to face challenges, and you’re going to be truly tested when things get tough. In the latest episode of The Small Business Show, we’re joined by award-winning author, Keynote speaker, and trainer Scott Mautz, who says mental strength can make all the difference. He’s also here to discuss his latest book, The Mentally Strong Leader

Key Takeaways 

1. Scott Mautz describes mental strength as a crucial leadership quality, emphasizing its role in regulating emotions, thoughts, and behaviors for productive outcomes, especially in adverse situations. He positions it as a “leadership superpower” essential for contemporary leaders.

2. Mautz identifies six ‘mental muscles’ that form the backbone of mental strength: fortitude, confidence, boldness, decision-making, goal focus, and positive messaging. These components are not just theoretical concepts but practical tools that can help leaders overcome internal challenges and lead their teams and organizations effectively, inspiring and motivating them to strive for mental strength.

3. The interview highlights a self-assessment tool included in Mautz’s book. This tool helps leaders identify their levels of mental strength across the six defined areas. It is designed to guide personal development by pinpointing specific areas for improvement.

4. Additionally, Mautz delves into the science of habit-building, which is central to developing mental strength. Mautz explains that like physical training, building mental strength requires consistent practice and the application of specific strategies to strengthen each mental muscle.

5. Moreover, Mautz’s book is a treasure trove, offering over 50 tools that provide systems and frameworks for building the habits associated with each mental muscle. This abundance of resources reassures leaders that they have all they need to embark on their journey toward mental strength, instilling confidence in their ability to develop these crucial leadership qualities.

As a gift from Mautz, you can head to and receive an early release of his mentally strong self-assessment ahead of his May 7 book release. 

"Mental strength, first of all, it's the ability to regulate your emotions, your thoughts, and your behaviors for productive outcomes, even in adversity." – Scott Mautz

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