Market Your BusinessMarketingFounder Claire Bahn on strengthening your branding across multiple channels

Founder Claire Bahn on strengthening your branding across multiple channels

There are essential components that small business owners must not overlook in order to effectively handle their operations. Among them is branding. On today’s episode of the Small Business Show, Claire Bahn, CEO of the Claire Bahn Group (CBG), will discuss more on what we need to know about branding.

The Claire Bahn Group is a full-service boutique strategic communications and marketing firm with deep expertise in public relations, strategic communications, executive branding, personal branding, reputation management, social media management, video creation, podcast production, and promotion. 

These strategies enable CBG to advance your brand and business. Teams from various disciplines work together on projects using the omnichannel approach because there are so many layers to how someone feels about a brand. According to Bahn, the distinction between a brand and a logo affects how you, the consumer, feel about the brand.

Branding essentials 

For small businesses, branding is all about the website. For great websites, everyone gets so focused on filler words. For instance, useful, creative, or innovative. When a brand employs more filler words on its websites, it’s simple to forget what the brand actually stands for. Therefore, Brahn advises brands to be straightforward and uncomplicated

Additionally, Bahn stresses the need to effectively portray the brand’s messaging. Since first impressions have a major impact on how someone feels about a business, you want to be sure that your website is not losing potential clients due to poor messaging. The messaging on the website as a whole, down to the images, must be unified and consistent. This implies that a successful branding plan must be developed from the start. 

Your brand, your identity

Your brand should reflect your beliefs, guiding ideas, and company philosophies. According to Bahn, who believes that “once you’re in control, you’ll need a solid foundation from the start.” Having the ability to control your brand, allows clients to now acquire more information outside of just the website. As a result, the CBG agency provides support for all platforms, as well as the overall look and feel.

Enabling a video option for your website not only allows you to catch up to speed but also magnifies your message across other multimedia platforms. “There’s something about the eye,” says Bahn. That once you own the narrative, get on video, and take control, it helps present your brand as “the most authentic brand and emphasizes that your brand is the clearest choice among competitors.”

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