Maximize your brand through effective media training – Lynn Smith

Public perception can make or break any company, so media training is a strategic necessity for entrepreneurs. On the latest episode of The Small Business Show, we’re pleased to welcome back Lynn Smith. Smith is the CEO and Founder of Rylan Media, a keynote speaker, and podcast host.

Media training is beyond vital in today’s world of marketing and branding. However, Smith asserts to entrepreneurs, “You can be good on television, but if you’re not good at television, it can do more harm than good to your brand.” 

Key Takeaways:

1. Entrepreneurs typically have a very short time to create a positive impression on their consumers. For instance, entrepreneurs usually have three seconds for their consumers to like them. Within those three seconds, businesses have 30 seconds to get clients to trust them, “That’s how quick communication has to be to brand themselves effectively.” For example, with the social media platform TikTok, if people aren’t catching other’s attention fast enough, they’ll scroll right past your content. 

2. Entrepreneurs must have a clear message and a unique personality when branding a company. Smith invites leaders to consider the following:

  • Who do you want to be, 
  • What is your persona, 
  • How can you do that in the most authentic way possible—that’s how you’ll be effective. 

3. Entrepreneurs can overcome their “brain bully” (the voice inside your head) by simply giving it a name. Tell it to sit down and “Watch this.” This helps entrepreneurs to exude confidence and positive energy. “Confidence is contagious,” but it’s also believing that one can do anything despite any circumstances, while arrogance is believing that one is good at everything. 

4. If entrepreneurs are looking to attract investors, they need to simplify their message. The key is to focus on the headline, explain how it impacts people, provide validation from their experience, and discuss their future plans. 

5. Everyone who has been media trained by Smith accounts for better performance in Zoom meetings, have their notes in front of them, or during presentations. Still, Smith assures them that her company offers media training via “The Green Room,” and now they also offer “The Boardroom,” which is communications training. 

“The most prominent problem people face when on camera is that they don't realize all they need to be is themselves.” – Lynn Smith

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