Market Your BusinessMarketing4 top reputation monitoring tools your small business should be using

4 top reputation monitoring tools your small business should be using

When was the last time you did an internet search for mentions of your brand? Do you regularly hunt for mentions and images of your company across multiple social networks and online platforms? If you aren’t managing your business’s reputation online, your time on social media could be doing more damage than you realize. Luckily for today’s business owners, there is a myriad of marvelous tools available that make reputation monitoring an easy task to manage. Check out the following collection of must-discover reputation monitoring resources to see which ones will help you respond to brand mentions online.

Social Mention

reputation onlineSocial Mention is a top tool for brand managers wanting to monitor their company’s reputation online. This handy interface lets you search for keywords specific to your business and offers you sentiment analysis on the mentions it finds. Discover details on everything from retweets regarding your keyword to associated terms you may not have thought to search for. Social Mention’s advanced search interface lets you hunt for keyword mentions from specific locations and times as well as in specific languages and in specific formats (images, videos, audio, etc.).


Not to be confused with Social Mention, Mention lets you not only search for mentions of your business but also hunt for influencers who might be able to spread the word of your company. Mention connects with multiple platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Buffer. Manage your online reputation from one central interface and instantly react to mentions of your company, both good and bad. With advanced analytics and team task management, you’ll be thrilled at how easy it is to monitor your company’s reputation online.


Offered by Buffer, Reply lets you monitor your Twitter account for brand mentions, hashtags, and direct messages. Whether a customer @ mentions you in a poor customer service tweet, talks about you and includes the #fail hashtag, or sends your customer support team a direct message for help, you can use Reply to instantly interact and improve the situation.

Google Alerts

reputation onlineNot to be overlooked, Google Alerts is a must-use tool for reputation-conscious business owners. Set up alerts for mentions of your business and customize how often you receive your notifications. Google Alerts is also a handy tool for lead generation; create alerts regarding keywords relevant to your business’ offerings and be among the first to respond to potential customers.

Managing your company’s reputation online doesn’t have to mean hiring an expensive data intelligence company to scour the Internet for signs of trouble. With terrific tools like those listed above, you can easily manage your company’s online presence from your smartphone or laptop. How many of these resources will you be integrating into your brand management strategy?

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