Master the three pillars of persuasive communication with Phil M. Jones

On today’s episode of The Small Business Show, we’re discussing how to persuade and influence your customers in sales. Joining us is Phil M. Jones, an international Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author of seven best-selling business books. Jones has sold over one million books and is the founder of five multimillion-dollar companies.

Key Takeaways 

1. Phil M. Jones outlines three critical ingredients for successful conversations: curiosity, empathy, and courage. These traits help one genuinely engage with and respond to customers’ needs rather than just pushing a product. 

  • Curiosity involves profoundly understanding the customer’s context, which means resisting the urge to jump to solutions without fully grasping the customer’s specific challenges or needs. This is critical in avoiding the common pitfalls of offering suitable solutions to the wrong problems.
  • Empathy requires seeing the world through the customer’s eyes and genuinely understanding their feelings and perspectives. This builds trust and makes customers feel valued, which is crucial in any business interaction.
  • Courage is about having the boldness to ask for what you want after establishing understanding and empathy. It’s not about reckless risk-taking but about stepping out of comfort zones to make direct requests or proposals that align with the customer’s needs.

2. Just like a doctor wouldn’t prescribe medication without a proper diagnosis, a salesperson should not recommend products or services without fully understanding the customer’s problem. This approach not only helps tailor the solution to fit the customer’s needs but also minimizes rejection and pushback because the recommendations are perceived as more credible and targeted.

3. The importance of framing questions to encourage a deep understanding of the customer’s situation is highlighted. Effective questioning can establish a shared basis for what the customer needs, enhancing trust and facilitating sales.

4. With the abundance of tools available today, Jones stresses the importance of being well-prepared before engaging with potential customers. Understanding a customer’s background, needs, and possible objections can lead to more productive interactions and successful outcomes.

5. Jones advocates for a consultative approach to sales where the seller guides rather than pushes the conversation. This approach avoids the adversarial pitfalls of traditional sales tactics, fostering a cooperative environment where both parties feel they are benefiting.

"Curiosity, empathy, and courage are not just words but the foundation of every successful sales conversation. Understanding the customer's context and genuinely seeing the world through their eyes builds trust and lays the groundwork for effective solutions." – Phil Jones

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