How this entrepreneur turned an at-home business into a 38-store company – Brooke Jackson

Emerging entrepreneurs everywhere are discovering ways to generate successful startups based on an idea or passion. On the latest episode of The Small Business Show, we’re discussing how this entrepreneur transformed her at-home small business into a flourishing empire with impressive 38-store locations. Joining us is Brooke Jackson, CEO and founder of BrookeNation Hair Growth oil. 

Jackson made it her mission to ensure all men and women can gain and maintain long, healthy hair. BrookeNation’s hair oil nourishes the scalp, encourages hair growth, and strengthens hair from root to tip. Jackson’s formula is compiled to support hair growth and shine and increase thickness and softness. 

Key Takeaways:

1. At the age of 18, Jackson set out on a quest with the intention of taking better care of her own hair. In 2021, Jackson took her all-natural hair oil to online retailers in response to the growing interest in her hair. 

2. Jackson made her all-natural serum using DIY projects, YouTube, and other online tools. She attributes her method of achieving the ideal blend to a great deal of trial and error. She also got additional suggestions from other hair oil brands. 

3. As a successful self-made entrepreneur, Jackson claims she uses every social media channel to advertise her goods and herself. For instance, one of her TikTok videos has had over a million views, and a big brand contacted her to express interest in carrying her oil in-store.

4. A part of Jackson’s journey is launching her “Hair Bible,” a BrookeNation hair care guidebook, to ensure her clients stay motivated and on track with strengthening and growing their hair. The Bible is equipped with daily writing prompts, helpful hair care tips, positive affirmations, motivational quotes, client testimonials, and a hair growth tracker. 

5. Jackson advises other entrepreneurs that if they aspire to be successful, they must ensure they are 100% or fully passionate about their product/service.

“I am very invested in my business because I love my products.” – Brooke Jackson

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