Small Business ShowsThe Small Business ShowHow shifting your entrepreneurial mindset can eliminate self-doubt – Mario Lanzarotti

How shifting your entrepreneurial mindset can eliminate self-doubt – Mario Lanzarotti

While we often focus on the tangible aspects of running a company, like finances and products, we tend to forget the importance of the intangible aspects, like your mindset. On today’s The Small Business Show, we’re joined by Mario Lanzarotti, the founder of the ZenPreneur movement, executive coach, and keynote speaker. Lanzarotti explores the importance of a positive mindset in entrepreneurship. 

Mario Lanzarotti is not your typical business speaker or coach. He’s a high-performance coach, a TEDx Speaker with over 1.3 million views, and the founder of the ZenPreneur movement. His mission is simple. It’s to reinvent the fundamental nature of entrepreneurship success away from the hustle-and-grind culture toward a holistically driven strategy built around high efficiency and well-being through self-mastery.

Key Takeaways:

1. When evaluating an entrepreneur’s mindset, typically, it depends on where they’re at in their journey. However, Lanzarotti explains, “On every level, you’ll see entrepreneurs deal with tons of doubt, being overwhelmed, mental fogs, and low energy.”

2. A good mindset is imperative to being an entrepreneur because it’s about recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities. It’s about making quality decisions that lead to high ROIs and being able to take action consistently and powerfully 

3. Having high energy ultimately sells your ideas. Therefore, entrepreneurs must be resilient, especially since the journey involves setbacks and failures.

4. Lanzarotti believes your mindset is how you will move forward when adversity arises. 

5. While working in the corporate sector, programs, and systems are in place to guide your mindset, whereas being an entrepreneur is 100% self-responsibility-based; you become your own pioneer.  

6. Lanzarotti offers three vital tips to avoid self-doubt:

  1. Never argue with your mind- Your mind will often tell you lies, so when you become aware of doubt, take a deep breath and return to your center.
  2. Self-doubt is often rooted in past failures, but forgive yourself once you establish the root.
  3. Have an open conversation with someone- Self-doubt is not a weakness but a human trait, and when you share with someone emotionally, you create inner trust, which is the answer to self-doubt.
“MIndset is the difference between success and failure.” – Mario Lanzarotti

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