How AI is revolutionizing sales and shaping the future workforce – Victor Antonio

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more relevant than ever, shaping both our personal and business lives. Joining us on the latest episode of The Small Business Show is author, sales consultant, and motivational speaker at Sellinger Group, Victor Antonio. Antonio’s book, Sales Ex Machina: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World of Selling, informs readers of AI’s impact in the world of sales.

Initially published in April of 2018, Antonio’s novel was cultivated around a time when Google geniuses figured out this new attention network that gave birth to generative AI- now called ChatGPT.

Key Takeaways:

1. AI is revolutionizing sales in every aspect. For instance, Landing AI is a domain-specific AI designed for large vision models (LVM) that permits users to upload images and schedule repairs without human intervention. Landing AI allows uploaded images to be reviewed, removed, corrected, or more data can be uploaded.

2. Antonio predicts that AI will result in a decrease in overall human interaction. Goldman Sachs predicts that approximately 18% of the global workforce will be eliminated. This suggests that AI could potentially eliminate around 300 million jobs.

3. Despite concerns about AI taking over human labor, Antonio lists applications that can assist small and medium-sized businesses in integrating AI. Software such as Air AI and Primal AI can make cold calls on behalf of businesses. These platforms will ask open-ended questions and even control the flow of the conversation.

4. In the future, everything will be “cognified,” meaning that AI will be viewed as a utility. For example, today, we have Alexa, but in the future, it may become our own personal search agent, such as

“Artificial Intelligence does it all.” – Victor Antonio

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