Small Business ShowsThe Small Business ShowExpert tips for avoiding costly misunderstandings in business — Matt Easton

Expert tips for avoiding costly misunderstandings in business — Matt Easton

Misunderstandings can be costly, so knowing how to effectively communicate is essential before you get to that often dreaded point. On today’s episode of The Small Business Show, we’re joined again by Matt Easton, sales coach, consultant, and the founder of Easton University, who discusses how to avoid misunderstandings that could cost you money in business and headaches in life.

Easton provides guidance in business and personal development. He has created coaching programs that change how individuals approach their objectives. Through his organizations, academic institutions, and social media channels, Easton offers quick solutions to challenges that might take others a long time to overcome. He simplifies the process of reaching goals, making it more consistent and less taxing.

Key Takeaways:

1. In both professional and personal interactions, misunderstandings typically arise from errors in comprehension.

2. Easton shares two approaches to prevent misunderstandings in discussions, which include:

  • Clarifying your purpose. For instance, when talking with others, pose your question and then explain why you’re asking it.
  • Seeking clarity by requesting examples. When they respond, ask for an illustrative example to ensure you understand their perspective.

3. For business owners, the hardest thing is finding and attaining great people. Easton explains, “Businesses everywhere risk the opportunity of losing a rockstar due to a slight misunderstanding.”

4. It’s important to recognize that we can’t anticipate others’ thoughts. Assuming you know another person’s intentions or needs can lead to communication breakdowns and the potential loss of valuable team members.

5. Continuous open dialogue is key. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions can bridge the communication gap, fostering a more cohesive and understanding work environment.

f the time, we can't read our prospects mind, nor can they read yours." — Matt Easton

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