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The Atlanta Small Business Show – How to Manage Toxic Behavior, Public Relations Tips for Small Businesses, and Setting Goals with Your Team

On today’s Episode of The Atlanta Small Business Show:

toxic behavior

How to Manage Toxic Behavior in Your Workplace

Here’s a question you might not want to answer in front of your coworkers: what’s worse, having a small business culture that’s toxic or being in charge of the toxic culture and not doing anything to make it better? If you answered “they’re both bad” you win.Now granted, we know there are different types of personalities in the workplace and there might occasionally be clashes. Even good employees might have sudden outbursts from time to time…Those aren’t what we’re talking about. Here are three examples of what we’re talking about…The most common toxic behaviors, with examples of how you can eradicate them, How to Manage Toxic Behavior in Your Workplace.

public relations

Five Public Relations Tips for Small Businesses

You’re a small business that might not have the resources for a full-blown PR team. That shouldn’t stop you from accomplishing the things you need to build your brand. So here are five tips from Atlanta marketing consultant, Jenni Hilton:
Number one: Get local with search. Hilton says to make sure your company is listed in google and yahoo local directories. She says they’re free and you can even link to your website.
Number two: Get local in business/service directories. Hilton says with directories like Angie’s List and Citysearch popping up, to make sure your business is listed in the relevant local directories. And make sure you remind customers to write a recommendation for your company as well. Number three: Build a local media list at smaller newspapers and start a relationship. Hilton says local media is easier to reach and if you’re doing special things with the community, be sure they know about it by taking a reporter to lunch. For something like a charity event, she suggests sending a media advisory. Number four: Start a blog on WordPress and talk about your industry, not just the company. Hilton suggests giving tips, advice, general and observations. Number five: Sign up for’s newsletter and get PR queries from journalists looking for sources. Include contact info in your email and links if needed. For more on this visit: https://www.Jennihilton.Com/small-business-marketing-blog

Paul Cummings

Setting Goals with Your Team

As a small business owner in Atlanta, whether your team sets short or long-term goals…Goals do several important things. For one, goals give your team a target…something to reach for. When asked how that impacts a small business like yours, best-selling author of the book “It All Matters”, speaker, leadership coach and international speaker Paul Cummings has a lot to say. To check out the interview with Paul Cummings, click here.

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