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Facebook Live for Small Business Marketing

Back in the summer of 2015, Facebook rolled out a new feature, called Facebook Live. Facebook Live is a live-streaming application that lets anyone broadcast straight to their Facebook feed, right from their mobile devices in real time. Since its big launch, the service has taken off with over four billion live video views daily.

Facebook Live For Small Businesses

Facebook Live has been a huge success and many people are engaging in this fun live experience, especially dealership marketers. But why would dealership marketers use Facebook Live? Facebook Live is a very beneficial tool for those in the dealership industry when trying to market their products. This is a fun and simple way for them to use the power of real-time video to connect with their audience. Facebook Live offers fascinating benefits of dealership marketing. Some of the methods in which marketers can utilize and take advantage of this new Facebook Live technology are discussed below.

Benefits of Live Video

  1. Showcasing Products

Small businesses can use Facebook Live as an opportunity to help market their products. In the live video, the new products can be shown to the audience with all of their features. Marketers can talk about all of the benefits of the products and why it will be a good purchase for their customers. This is a good and efficient way to promote their products to a large audience at once.

  1. Live Question and Answer Tutorials

Facebook Live is a perfect way for customers to have their questions answered. If a customer has a question, the odds are that others might also have the same question. Small businesses can ‘Go Live’ through the app and answer any of their customers questions that are posted in the comment section. Customers may have some questions about the products, current promotions, sales, or even sale processes. After the live video has ended, the video will save right to the business’s Facebook page for others to view at a later date or time. This is a great promotion method, and will attract many people that might be interested in purchasing a product.

  1. Promote Events

Small businesses can Livestream using the app during an event or group. They can show the public how awesome the event is and try to get them to come join them. If any prizes or free giveaways are being offered at the event, it can be a good idea to inform the audience of this prior to the event taking place, as they may want to partake in said event.

  1. Customer Reviews

Sometimes customers enjoy hearing from other customers. They want to hear about their views and feelings about a certain company before experiencing it themselves. Small businesses can use ‘Go Live’ as an opportunity for customers to reach out to fellow customers. If someone comes in to buy a product and has an amazing experience, a business can offer them an incentive for them to share their experience with their peers on Facebook.

With more and more people utilizing technology today, ‘Go Live’ is an awesome opportunity for businesses to market their products as well as showcase their small business. It will help to establish the audience that they are looking for and in the end, help to increase sales.

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