Elikya founder shares the benefits of effective digital marketing – Séverine Rigaud

Did you know that 75% of marketers claim they have built business trust with digital marketing? Joining us in the studio on today’s episode of The Small Business Show is Séverine Rigaud, the founder and owner of a digital marketing company called Elikya

Elikya, a full-service digital marketing and creative agency headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, was established in 2011 and assists multinational corporations in integrating new markets. The company uses a special method called “Global to Local Marketing Program” to assist its clients in growing their local market shares. Localizing your marketing can help you successfully enter new markets. It can be difficult to comprehend the local market when a company seeks new markets. The company assists entrepreneurs in understanding how they see new goods and services in their marketplaces and how they have particular needs.

Key Takeaways:

1. In today’s digital age, having a robust online presence is crucial for any business. This is because people tend to rely on their phones and computers to look for information.  

2. Investing in digital marketing strategies is vital to ensure your business gets noticed and stands out from the competition. Doing so can attract potential customers and increase your brand awareness.

3. Social media allows companies to spread the word about their products and company.

4. Even if you have a small budget, it’s essential to put a good digital marketing strategy in place from the beginning.

5. Marketing and branding go hand in hand. Branding is your voice and identity, while marketing is your message. 

6. Rigaud asserts, “Take advantage of everything digital. Even Google has a free tool where businesses can share their information to receive more recognition.”

“Social media is an easy way to be consistently viewed online.”