Digital marketing strategies for small business survival – Shama Hyder | Zen Media

Implementing digital marketing strategies is vital for businesses to stay relevant and adapt to changing consumer behaviors. On the latest episode of The Small Business Show is Shama Hyder, CEO of Zen Media, Best-Selling Author, and Keynote Speaker.

Key Takeaways:

1. Hyder believes digital marketing is an extensive landscape and urges entrepreneurs to consider utilizing multiple marketing channels when developing business strategies. She also points out that while many companies focus solely on advertising as their digital marketing technique, advertising is just one type of digital marketing and not the only way to promote a business.

2. In digital marketing, it is crucial for businesses to prioritize consumer engagement over technology. Hyder recommends the two-box approach for marketing. 

3. The first step is discoverability – is your website easy to find, and does it work properly? Can potential customers easily locate your business online?

4. The second approach is memorability – Are you first of mind when a customer has that need of your brand? How can you be top of mind? Does your company leave an impression?

5. Companies should be aware that having a social media presence is free, but they need to spend money to reach a larger audience. According to Hyder, the algorithm has changed. At first, having a robust social media presence was enough to reach a target audience. However, today, businesses need to be more creative and invest money to take their social media marketing to the next level.

6. For example, there is a TikTok video circulating of a woman whose car exploded, but the only item that survived, still with ice in it, was a 40-ounce tumbler from Stanley. “The video generated more feedback and reached more homes than the Super Bowl,” claims Hyder. 

7. Nowadays, people consume content publicly but share privately. Therefore, companies need to remember that when measuring their data, they need to take into account “Dark Social,” which is sharing that can’t be traced back to the original source, and remember, “when there is change, there lies opportunity.”

“Digital marketing is the best way to meet your customers where they are.” –Shama Hyder 

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