Small Business ShowsHow to find the right audience for your SMB's social media content

How to find the right audience for your SMB’s social media content

Many small businesses struggle with social media, yet it is essential to use it in today’s cutthroat marketplace. Claire Bahn, the CEO of the marketing and branding agency Claire Bahn Group, is back with us on today’s Small Business Show to discuss social media branding for small businesses. 

Daily obstacles confront small enterprises. It can be difficult just to manage the firm on a daily basis. Furthermore, it can be harder if you throw in the difficulty of creating a successful social media branding strategy. According to Bahn, “Social media is crucial to a company’s brand.” Bahn alleges that she observes businesses publish content just for the purpose of doing so. Instead, companies should use social media to highlight the problems that their customers are having and how their product or service can help. Bahn argues, “Formulate your content to serve your audience.” 


You want your social media material to be entertaining and useful when you’re creating it. “Instead, I see people just posting to post,” Bahn says. It can potentially injure you more than benefit you if you don’t put in the effort. She continues, “Be where your customers are at.” If they’re not on TikTok, then don’t cater your content to a TikTok audience. The same goes for the content published on LinkedIn or any other platform. “Focus on who your audience is, don’t just wing it,” emphasizes Bahn. 

For instance, a person between the ages of 13 and 18 won’t experience the same pain as a person between the ages of 35 and 45. “It’s also imperative that the content you’re sharing be on the appropriate platform,” says Bahn.

"Just do it, you know what they like." — Claire Bahn


If you’re just starting out with social media branding, give the algorithm at least three months. Any platform’s software is responsible for removing spam and phony accounts. As a result, they won’t promote your content until you’ve been active for a while, are reliable, have high-quality content, and recognize that this is a long-term endeavor. Branding and social media evolve over time. 

Alternatively, according to Bahn, “If your content is always about yourself or your product, it may turn your ideal audience away from your branding.” As Bahn continues, “Sometimes it’s okay to look at the competition and see what they’re doing and what’s working to ultimately decide what would work for you.” Nevertheless, it is imperative that you diversify your content. 

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Jaelyn Campbell
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