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The 4 Strategic Shifts Small Businesses Need to Make to Position Themselves for Growth – Andy Goldstrom, Midcourse Advisors

On today’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Show we welcome Atlanta-based Andy Goldstrom. Andy is Managing Partner at Midcourse Advisors, where he helps companies grow profitably and fast. As a two-time Inc. 500 executive, Andy has led sales teams that compete efficiently and effectively to win an extraordinary amount of business. He has created operational efficiencies to increase cash flow and profit, resulting in incremental value that was monetized when the companies were sold.

Noting most companies succeed or fail based on adjustments they make midcourse, Andy
founded Midcourse Advisors to leverage his experience and knowledge to help organizations seeking to grow, innovate and improve.  Andy has started, struggled, scaled and sold businesses that enabled him to develop proprietary tools and methodologies that he has since utilized to help numerous businesses succeed in both good times and bad.

Separately, Andy is a part-time instructor where he teaches entrepreneurship at Georgia State University.  His newly released book, Grow Like a Pro is now available. He also offers an online course and group program by the same name.

Today Andy joins Jim to discuss the the 4 Strategic Shifts small businesses need to make to not only sustain themselves today, but also position themselves for growth tomorrow.

You can find out more about Andy and Midcourse Advisors at

Also, purchase Andy’s book, Grow Like A Pro Book today at or

Tune-in to hear more from Andy and let us know your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.

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