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How Organizations Can Stay Flexible During Turbulent Times – David Kidder, NYT Best-Selling Author

2020 has been one of the most tumultuous years in modern times. Between the current pandemic, the financial crisis that was brought on from this, and the social justice movement still alive and well, our businesses have been tested to the so-called breaking point. In a recent article in Medium, our guest today New York Times Best-selling author, David Kidder compares your business to a bowl that has been shattered. He is here today to tell us what that means and explains the rare opportunity that now exists for you and your business.

BionicDavid Kidder is co-founder and CEO of Bionic, a company that unlocks new growth and competitiveness for the world’s largest enterprises, based on the models, methods, talent, and tools of venture capital and entrepreneurship. and a best selling author. David is also a best selling author of 3 books; New to Big, The Startup Playbook, The Intellectual Devotional.

Back in June David co-authored the article, The Bowl Has Been Shattered. You Get to Rebuild It. You’ve been given a rare opportunity to rebuild your company into something more resilient and flexible — don’t waste it. 

In this segment, David and Jim discusses what that means and how organizations can stay flexible during these turbulent times. They also touch upon the metaphor of a bowl and the marble in this article, why people so resistant to change, the idea of ‘remaking” your business, what qualities are important in your business, where to start, and predictions for “the new normal”.

Tune-in to hear more from David and please let us know your thoughts or questions below.

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