What Local Company MaxRewards is doing to Alleviate the Stress of Credit Card Management – Anik Khan, Co-Founder

If you are a frequent credit card user in Atlanta, then chances are you’ve heard of MaxRewards, a free app that helps users manage their credit cards and maximize on the rewards they offer. Recently, we spoke to the co-founder and CEO of MaxRewards, Anik Khan, who discussed the inspiration behind MaxRewards and how it became one of the only two Atlanta startups to make the Cox Enterprises Techstars 2019 Accelerator program.

MaxRewardsFor businesses that experience large scale financial issues, there are tax attornies and financial advisors they can rely on. However, for smaller-scale issues, business owners often have to troubleshoot problems themselves and find creative solutions. MaxRewards focuses on alleviating financial stress for those particular situations, specifically when it comes to credit card management.

With previous experience in this field as the founder of Khanik Web Solutions and Consulting, Anik often had to provide his clients with a way to keep track of credit card purchases, rewards, and other money-saving factors.

MaxRewards was also one of the only two Atlanta startups to make the Cox Enterprises Techstars 2019 accelerator program. This program provides entrepreneurs with the resources and network to build the next set of disruptive technologies.

To find out more about Anik and MaxRewards, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

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