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The Importance of Prioritizing Your Employees’ Emotional Well-Being – Mark Crowley, Leading from the Heart

Are you finding it difficult to inspire and motivate your employees on a consistent basis? Well, our next guest has some excellent strategies to help business owners improve their leadership skills and rejuvenate their staff. We recently spoke to Mark Crowley, Workplace Thought Leader, Business Consultant, and author of Leading from the Heart. Mark is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Reuters, and USA Today.

leadershipIn many cases, when we think of leadership, we think of intelligence, rational, and not being emotionally driven. However, feelings and emotions constantly affect our behaviors and engagements with others. So, how employees feel in the workplace is proportional to their motivation and commitment to the work they’re doing.

The Conference Board reports that over half of the American workforce hates getting up and going to their job every day. Mark says that is a direct result of leadership issues. Business owners and managers should focus more of their attention on how employees feel about work rather than what they think about it. Younger generations of workers are expecting this approach just the same as they expect health benefits or paid time off. Ultimately, attitudes toward emotional engagement will have to change in tandem with the workforce.

To find out more about Mark, and how to ‘Lead from the Heart’, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

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