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How TAG is Bridging the Diversity Gap in Georgia’s Tech Sector – Jacque Rushin, HR & Diversity Chair

According to the latest research from Small Business Trends, women now make up 56 percent of the professional workforce in the U.S. however, they make up less than 20 percent of the country’s tech jobs as well. And while this data is trending upwards, many changes can still be done to close this gap. Our next guest has devoted her career to doing just that. We’re pleased to welcome Jacque Rushin, HR and Diversity Chair of the Technology Association of Georgia and Managing Principal of Rich Rush Business Consulting

diversityIn her role with the Diversity Society, Jacque addresses the human capital problems that exist with member organizations of TAG. Traditionally a male-dominated industry, the tech sector is taking steps to correct this imbalance, and Jacque says this gender disparity goes beyond tech and into most other industries. However, technology has been particularly slow adding a female working population. Jacque says this has a lot to with how young girls are treated as they grow up.

TAG’s role in increasing female and minority leadership in tech is to be a place where their network of over 2,000 organizations can connect under one umbrella. This allows for open, honest communication across many different platforms. Jacque also reminds us that diversity and inclusion must include all ethnicities and genders. Her job is not solely focused on increasing a female presence, but all increasing the presence of people of color as well.

To find out more about Jacque and the programs TAG oversees in order to support and promote women and people of color in tech throughout the state, be sure to watch our full interview above.

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