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How This Atlanta FinTech Startup is Teaching Kids Financial Literacy and Responsibility – Tim Sheehan, Greenlight

On today’s edition of the Atlanta Small Business Show, we’re pleased to welcome Tim Sheehan, Co-founder and CEO of Greenlight, a debit card designed for children that parents can control from an app on their smartphone. The app boasts a built-in savings account, giving account, earned account with chore tracking and allowances, and very soon, an investment account. Over the course of Tim’s career, he has worked mainly in the consumer tech and FinTech industries. The idea for Greenlight was inspired by the financial habits his parents taught him from a young age. In adulthood, he realized that many of his peers did not have the same knowledge, so he wanted to find a way to scale that idea and reach a broader audience.


In this segment, Tim begins by discussing his background in the tech space, and the inspiration behind creating Greenlight. He then discusses why is it important to teach children about financial management at a young age, and how this education leads to independence down the road. He then dives into how the program works, and the many options and services available to customers. Following that, Tim lends his insight and advice to the entrepreneurs watching today, as well as what the future holds for Greenlight.

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To find out more about Tim Sheehan and Greenlight, be sure to watch our entire interview above. And for even more great interviews and articles about Atlanta’s startup community, click here!

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