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How business strategist Ursula Mentjes is helping entrepreneurs find personal and professional freedom

If you’re ready to take things up a notch within your personal life and business, UpLevel Now: Make the Domino Effect Work for You and Create More Peace, Freedom, and Joy in Your Personal and Professional Life, is the book for you. Ursula Mentjes, a best-selling author, business strategist, sales expert, and entrepreneur, joins us on today’s Small Business Show to talk about the enormous success of her book and her journey of creating it.

By working with entrepreneurs across the globe, Mentjes is able to identify the commercial strengths and personal weaknesses of each entrepreneur she works with. Mentjes claims the subject of her fifth book, UpLevel Now, is how entrepreneurs can build their own freedom and alignment while also remembering the desires they had when they initially started. “Most people launch a business and then it turns into a job they detest instead of what they should still love,” she claims. Adding that, “our goal is to examine whether your business is just that or a job to you.” To illustrate, she says that if you can step away from your business for a month and it continues to operate without you, your presence in the business is not required as frequently, or vice versa. “If you can leave and come back to chaos, then your business may be another job for you.”

In contrast, Mentjes advises creating more systems and procedures to “lift the weight off of you and start building a team around you” in order to change from being a business owner who never stops working to having more free time. For instance, having a virtual assistant work a five- or ten-hour workweek can help owners free up their time and shift the direction of the company. While saying that more people desire to work from home due to technology advancements and the pandemic, Mentjes denounces the myth that you shouldn’t create your team around you. “In order to scale your business quickly, your company might greatly benefit from having a small crew and excellent systems in place. But, you have to put the pieces in place,” she adds. 

Mentjes suggests making a to-do list as an additional strategy for expanding your business. She asserts, “creating a list you check every day will not only boost productivity by 20%, but it will assess if you are doing your best work, what you should be delegating, or if you should cease doing something that hasn’t been done for a while.” Although defining your goals clearly is essential, starting with the end in mind is the simplest solution to accomplish them. Mentjes claims, “oftentimes, what you are tolerating in your business, the opposite of what you genuinely desire.”

"Nothing great is going to happen in your comfort zone." — Ursula Mentjes

Success is hampered by one’s own limiting beliefs. Mentjes asserts that when it comes to confined views, “the first thing you want to do is to set a high aim and ask yourself what do I believe is true about my limited belief.” What she discovered was that her clients were able to quickly list three reasons for their beliefs. After those variables had been identified, they were able to concentrate on their goals and cease standing in their own way of success. Additionally, Mentjes mentions, “if they can survive the pandemic, they can really withstand anything.”

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