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8 Common Website Mistakes That Could Harm Your Conversion Rate

Websites are critical platforms for generating trust with consumers. While people may find your brand on social media or YouTube, your website is most often the place where a sale will take place. It may not be typical for mistakes to completely destroy sales, but a collection of smaller errors will erode trust. Even though visitors won’t typically analyze a website carefully, certain elements will feel out of place and prevent them from buying from you. The following website issues are easy to fix and could make a radical change to your conversion rate.

Obtrusive Marketing 

Your goal may be to promote products and services, but you could reduce the impact when you use obtrusive marketing. Quality content will draw visitors closer to your brand, simplifying the sales process. By blocking this process with auto-play videos, pop-up boxes that are difficult to remove, and oversized banners, you can lower the conversion rate.

Lack of Contact Info 

Visible contact information helps people to trust your business, making it clear who you are. Users expect to see an address, with various points of contact. Depending on your business, you could have an email, phone number, and live chat option. Additionally, showing images of business owners and employees can turn an anonymous website into a portal that offers real personality.

Not Optimized for Mobile 

conversion rateYou could potentially get mobile traffic from over half of all visitors, but not have a correctly optimized browsing experience. A mobile experience should be user-friendly, avoiding issues like unoptimized images and small text. Test your site across a range of devices, ensuring the browsing journey is seamless.

Poor Navigation and Search 

Site owners are often faced with a challenge as more content is added. A more extensive website needs a different approach to one with only a few pages, taking into account the complexities of navigation and search. You may, for example, need to add categories that offer a clear hierarchy for visitors to follow. The search facility should also be streamlined to provide the most accurate information.

Cluttered Layout 

Many site owners want to offer as much information as possible to visitors. It is common to see the home page of a site filled with elements about a business. However, this type of design will usually look cluttered and confusing to new visitors. If people can’t work out what they should focus on, many will choose to leave. Simplicity makes it easier to focus on the essential elements, helping to improve conversions.

Thin Content 

Content is integral to the success of an online business. The quality of your output will represent your brand, helping consumers to make buying decisions. Many sites offer thin content, though, with very little for visitors to gain from the information. Poor-quality articles might be produced to meet a demand for new posts, but it is better to focus on quality and ensure that readers gain value from each piece.

Inauthentic Reviews and Testimonials 

Reviews and testimonials can play a significant role when consumers are assessing a product. This influence, though, has led to many fake reviews that attempt to sway a buying decision. If your reviews and testimonials appear authentic to visitors, you could potentially see a reduction in the conversion rate. Also, avoid using incomplete reviews or opinions in an attempt to persuade consumers.

No Trust Signals 

conversion rateTrust is crucial for gaining a high conversion rate. Your brand reputation will be useful for building trust, but visitors want to see signs within your site. Trust seals indicate your website is protected, scanning for hacking attempts and malware. Impartial reviews show satisfied customers have purchased from you before. Finally, credit card symbols can reduce resistance during the checkout phase.

A high conversion rate can transform the fortunes of a business. You won’t need as much traffic as a site that converts poorly, with fewer sales required to make a profit. Visitors need to trust you before they make a purchase, though, so there needs to a positive response from the moment they land on your site. Simple errors can damage this trust, reducing the overall conversion rate substantially. Making small changes to your website can make all the difference, allowing you to build a business that gets results.

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